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News at Xhale Enterprises, LLC.

XHALE sponsors Club Jenna's "Next to Nothing" party

Partnering with Club Jenna Inc. in September, XHALE sponsored the 4th annual "Next to Nothing" party held at Myst in Scottsdale. This naughty party drew porn princesses and the queen herself among many other gorgeous ladies dressed in the most luscious lingerie.. Playboy TV and E! Entertainment call "Next to Nothing" the party of the year and XHALE was there. As the only adult toy company represented at the event, XHALE was "well received by all of the patrons who were given an XHALE product." The event's promoter, Duane Bell, loves XHALE's products, "…key chains, plugs and the standard toys with different colors and size are always going to go over well at an event of this nature… but when you throw in the unique patterns…people notice a little more."

XHALE sponsors Playtime Magazine's annual Halloween event

Another recent XHALE sponsored event, Playtime Magazine's annual Halloween party at Elixir, drew not only the magazine's loyal following but also a scorching hot Halloween crowd. The party was packed with Playtime's guests enjoying body painting, costumes, beautiful people along with XHALE's many giveaways throughout the evening. Check out Playtime Magazine for photos and future monthly events in Scottsdale.

Why experimenting makes your sex life better

If your current relationship is going sour but you don’t want to breakup maybe it is time to repair it by spicing up your sex life. There are many ways to do this. Many people introduce sex toys to their intercourse, others experience new positions or techniques and some go as far as inviting escorts to join their beds. It all depends on your fantasies and what excites your partner the most.

Why your sex life is bad

There are many reasons that could explain why your sexual performance is at a record low right now. Your main mission is to discover what the main reason is. Could it be your job, your relationship or your financial woes? Or could it be because you have been having sex in the same way for the past 10 years? The latter could be a valid explanation why having intercourse is a total bore for you and your London escort. To improve both your sex life and your general mood, try something new, experimental every time you go under the sheets.

How do you get better at sex?

The only way to get better at sex is to practice it as often as possible. Forget about watching porn! If you get horny, approach your partner and set loose your passionate side. If you are single, call some of your escorts from EROS, seduce them and go with the wave. Forget about your shyness or your prejudices and let things happen. Most of these beautiful women enjoy a stimulating sex toy every time they have intercourse. Don’t reject them this pleasure and very soon it can become a major turn on for you, as well.

What makes your partner happy?

Having a better sex life does not mean that you have to satisfy only your biggest fantasies. You must take into account the deep sexual desires of your partner as well. We all have sexual cravings that need to be fulfilled and if hers is to make love to a London escort, there is no reason why you should refuse it. Having new people in your bed might seem a bit awkward at first, but this practice will open the door to an unlimited resource of sexual experiences.

How many sex toys should you have?

The answer is simple: you can never have too many sex toys. From the popular bondage cuffs to strap-ons, whips and vibrators, there is literally no limit to the number of sexual fantasies that you can enjoy with these gimmicks. More than that, new ones are released every year and each of them more revolutionary sex-wise than the last one. Escorts are known to be avid collectors of these sexual gadgets and you will surely find a large inventory of sex toys in their cabinet.

How far should you go?

Sexual experiments have a limit called safety. You should never go as far as injuring yourself or your partner for orgasmic pleasure. Some famous sex toys and techniques can even be fatal, such as erotic asphyxiation. Make sure that whatever new thing you try during intercourse with your London escort is perfectly safe for both of you.

When is it too late to experiment?

Some couples believe that after a certain age there is no room for sexual experiments in their lives. Don’t listen to those people! They are completely wrong – you can never be too old to spice up you sex life. You only live once, so try anything that comes to mind: escorts, sex toys or new positions! Find out what satisfies you the most and let it become part of your intercourse routine.