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Sex toys you should try

Are you bored with your sex life? Do you feel that your recent sexual encounters were less than satisfying? If so, it is time to take everything to the new level and try some revolutionary sex toys. Your partner might be skeptical at first, but once she tries them, there will be no return to regular, toy-less intercourse. Here are just a few pleasure gimmicks that should never miss during a night of intense, passionate love-making.

A Bondage Kit

You might have heard of BDSM, a sexual roleplaying practice that many couples enjoy, although few are those who speak publically about it. This engaging type of intercourse implies that both you and your partner take on other identities for the whole duration of the sex act. One becomes the master, the other its slave. Practices and roles vary depending on one’s fantasies. Nevertheless, a bondage kit includes mostly the same items: leather blindfolds, a whip, a rope and cuffs for both wrists and ankles. This is the ideal sex toy that opens up your imagination and allows you to try some new sexual experiments.

A Penis Ring

Now that you have gotten a taste of how sex toys can make everything better, there is no turning back. The next sexual gadget that you should try is the penis ring. This toy comes in many shapes and colors, but all variations of the product have the same effect. A penile ring strapped on your shaft during intercourse will keep you both stimulated and satisfied.

A Dual Vibrator

If you want to try something really kinky, you should go for a double vibrator. This is the ideal sex toy for couples. It might look like a pair of ice tongs, but once you try it you will never imagine sex without it. The way it works is very simple: insert one of the curved arms in the vagina, and let the other one rest on the clit. Due to its powerful vibration, both partners experience a higher level of stimulation during intercourse.